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“Lording over the town plaza and its environs is the Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish Church – a beautiful, majestic, and historical building where Bayambang’s patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer, is enshrined. Built in the early 17th century, it is a combination of Spanish and Filipino art and architecture, craftsmanship, and engineering feats.

From the time the church was built to the present, it has undergone some repairs and structural changes, but these are all due to the damages brought about by natural calamities.

The church has been a silent witness to the town’s history of trials and triumphs. Above all, it has been a solemn sanctuary for prayer and worship for the religious, industrious, cooperative, and friendly parishioners.” – Dr. Clarita Jimenez

Saint Vincent Ferrer


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Let us pay tribute together, as fellow devotees from around the world, to our patron saint on April 5, 2019 as we mark his 600th death anniversary. Register now and be a part of history!


About Saint Vincent Ferrer

Prayer Park

Saint Vincent Ferrer has been a beacon of faith in Bayambang for hundreds of years, and his presence has been incessantly felt by Bayambangueños through the Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish Church. He remains to be a symbol of devotion for the people of Bayambang, and the influence that he has had on our culture is undeniable.

In 2019, the 600th anniversary of the death and the 400th year of his presence in the town will be celebrated. This is why the church, with the assistance of Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao, his wife, Mary Clare Judith Phyllis Jose-Quiambao, and several private firms, is spearheading the construction of the Saint Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park.

The groundbreaking ceremony held on June 20, 2018 marked the beginning of a bigger and better future for the town. Saint Vincent Ferrer’s 51-meter monument is being erected in Barangay Bani as a testament to the Bayambangueños’ never-ending love for and gratitude to the patron saint of builders. The park will serve as a place of serenity, not just for Bayambangueños, but for anyone seeking spiritual help and guidance.


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